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Servant Leadership

     As men and women of God, being servant-leaders, we operate in the 5 D’s; to demonstrate, disciple, discover, develop and deploy with a niche that fits us best based on our individual strengths and purpose. Our primary role is to help others to find their purpose and to discover their destiny as they move into the fullness of who they are created to be as a son with the roles of a friend of God, a man, a husband, a father, a friend to others; a daughter - a friend of God, a woman, a wife, a mother, a friend to others and each and every one of us are ambassadors for God building up and extending His kingdom on the earth today.  

Demonstrate: We are walking in the truth of what we say and claim to believe as an adopted son/daughter of the Living God. This is not about being perfect rather it is about being transparent. None of us have arrived to where we are no longer under construction, bringing to the surface the completeness of what Jesus has already done for us on the inside. We live humble, thinking more about others than we do thinking about ourself. We do this without wearing a mask of perfection. We are to be real, genuine with each other accepting our own and each others strengths and weaknesses knowing we are all a work in progress.  

Disciple: All of us have the need to interact with others as we learn how to balance our spiritual life and its priorities with our earthly responsibilities and lifestyle choices. To do this we connect with a man or woman we have respect for and can see the maturity in them that we want in ourself. They help us to grow in a deeper knowledge of Jesus with understanding in partnership with the Holy Spirit who leads us into all truth. It is by their example and relationship with God that we grow in oneness with all 3 persons of God.  

Discover: As we interact and work with each other in our community we are to help uncover the natural talents and the spiritual gifts we each have been given by our God and Creator to be His blessing in the world today. We do this by trying different areas to serve others in. In the filter of our own understanding, our mind, it is not uncommon for us not to understand what the Holy Spirit is asking us to do because we have never done it or even considered it in our own thinking. As we experiment by serving others we not only uncover the richness God has put in each of us; it becomes evident that we are designed to be a part of something that is much bigger than any one of us and our ability to accomplish in our life time.  

Develop: We teach others helping to develop and train the use of their talents and strengths for God’s purpose on the earth today. This enables each person to have true skill with knowledge and understanding for their part in building the kingdom of God and to strengthen the body of Christ. We are designed by God to be better together than we are apart. The more of us that come together with unity, the better picture and understanding we have of our God.  

Deploy: It is no longer all about me thinking, anymore. We are finding ways to have people exercise their strengths so that they may have more clarity for their purpose and the special destiny our great, wonderful and faithful God has gifted them for and has created just for them. As the people we work with mature in using their gifts we send them in to the world to accomplish their purpose and destiny.  

     Since mankind has been given dominion and authority over the earth we are to be a catalyst for good, even being dangerous for good, as we help each other to move, live and breathe in the kingdom of God here on the earth today. We follow God’s very own example and breathe on, bring life to the strengths in a person while not being in denial over each others weaknesses. It is by keeping our eyes on Jesus and His goodness that the people, places and things in our life controlling us and leading us into harm’s way no longer have the ability to do so.

     We trust our God and His goodness to complete His good work, believing He is doing so, even this day in each and every one of us.

You are the blessing!


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