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The Kairos Weekend Report

To my fellow warriors and kingdom workers,

The Kairos weekend was explosive, in a good way, to say the least. The theme that kept coming up during the introductions on Thursday was different from any other I have participated in. Many said, "I came for the food, but I want what I saw the guys from other Kairos weekends come back with." They would go on to describe the peace, joy, happiness and contentment they could see in the countenance of the guys who had just finished a weekend. As we know, they were describing the kingdom of God here on earth today. "I don't know what it is or how they got it, but that's what I want!"

Wow!  What a great job the Holy Spirit did to prepare the hearts of these 42 brothers in white to receive the love of God for them in their life. The breakthroughs, healing many from past wounds, scars in their heart and soul and even release from a bondage in their life they felt powerless to overcome, bringing new and real freedom into their lives was a result of this weekends God encounter. The seeming light bulb moments in many of the men, where they really seemed to connect the dots, connecting their knowledge of God, whatever it was, with the heart of God for them as an individual changed lives.

For most of the men it was the first time they had encountered the "real" Jesus, accepting that God really does love them completely and accepts them just as they are. It was very moving for the fathers to see the place mattes the children made, who don't even know them, letting them know that they were still lovable even though they have messed things up in their own families lives. It gave hope to several that they could again or even for the first time, become a father to their children and could begin to trust God to restore their relationships. The hugs the children made completed the job of breaking down the walls of these hardened hearts. Many shared how impacting it was to put the arms of an innocent child around them, reminding them of their own children and even the hugs they didn't get in their own childhood.
The prayer chain was the longest I have ever seen. I don't know the actual count of how many people had committed to praying for these brothers in white to have a God encounter that changed their life, but my guess is around 2500-3000 people all over the country and even in Europe. This visual testimony that God's people are actively advancing God's kingdom through prayer and action changed the perspective of almost everyone about the church today. It was a breaking revelation to the brothers in white that God's children, the body of Christ is the church and not a denomination or buildings. "Who is the church? WE ARE THE CHURCH!" This is the knowledge with understanding our 42 brothers learned about the church this weekend.

The fact that so many people participated in the success of this weekend whether on a ministry team, giving financially, praying in unity with so many others, guiding and helping our children to be a part of this life changing time, truly God's special time in the lives of these brothers in white. This clearly showed all of the men housed at Hutchins, the correctional officers and warden, the inside and outside teams, the towns of Hutchins and Lancaster, every witness, how willing our God is to participate in and through the lives of His children, enjoying His creation with us and through us. A powerful testimony of the harvest available around us with fruit that will last forever as God continues to grow the seeds that have been planted and watered this past weekend at Hutchins State Jail, Kairos #11.

Thank you for letting God lead you to be a part of this life changing event in the lives of men, giving hope where their was none and validating that God is with us and He has the power to save! 

You are the blessing!


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norman reed on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 11:58 PM
I want to thank all the tools that GOD put in my path i am trying very hard to look at all the messed up stuff i have done and realize that im not and will never be perfect but that i am a VERY lumpy piece of clay that KAIROS and its tools (you) helped me realize that can and will continually be shaped and as long as i keep molding i am never still long enough to stay in that old misshapen state but an ever changing ever learning ever understanding point that shows me that im not perfect but i will definitely stand beside the man that is one day and im pretty sure that he will say i was good enough just being his son :-) Thank you KAIROS for the small things like a smile.KAIROS 11-12-13 still doing good for my family now i will save the me time for my next life my real life chillin with MY DAD YOUR DAD OUR DAD...........
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