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David's Blog

A thought to consider for today.

Faith Receives!

Hebrews 10:35,36
So do not throw away your bold faith. It will bring you rich rewards. You need to be faithful. Then you will do what God wants. You will receive what He has promised. 

Genesis 22:13, 15-18
Abraham looked up. There in the bush he saw a ram.  He sacrificed it as a burnt offering instead of his son. 

The angel of the Lord called out to Abraham a second time. He said, “I am taking an oath in my own name. I will bless you because of what you have done,” announces the Lord. “You have not held back your son, your only son. So I will certainly bless you. I will make your children after you as many as the stars in the sky. I will make your children as many as the grains of sand on the seashore. Your children will take over the cities of their enemies.  All nations on earth will be blessed because of your children. All of this will happen because you have obeyed me.”     
In our mind, God may miss a lot of chances to be early, but He is never late. Our God is a rewarder, He cannot not reward us. It is His nature and in His character to reward us. This is the heart of our Perfect Father for each of His children.

When we can really accept that the heart of God is not out to judge us for our failings. When we can accept that our consequences are from the results of choices, both good and bad ones and not judgement. When we can accept that life happens, good things can happen to bad people and bad things can happen to good people. We are finally ready to accept God's truth for each of us. Jesus has already done everything for us, so that we too may know God, the Father, the same way Jesus does.

When we really accept this truth in our heart, our mind, our complete being; we have realized the truth of Romans, Chapter 8 as our own. We believe completely that God has made us His own as a full fledged son or daughter of the Living God. We are able to trust the goodness of our heavenly Father and let the Spirit lead us in all that we say and do.

We are no longer trying to become acceptable, strive for acknowledgement and affirmation from our fellow man to establish that we have value. We receive all that our God has for us from His goodness and not our own. We are finally in a place that we can receive what we have not earned and don't deserve because we are convinced that we are completely loved exactly as we are.

Does this mean we have arrived and have been completely transformed into the complete person on the outside that we are on the inside? No, not at all. What we have done is accepted the identity our God has given us. We are more able to adapt and bring what has happened on the inside to the outside in the metamorphosis of transformation due to this acceptance, growing in the understanding of the new creation we now are.

We no longer have to deny or refuse the perfect gifts of grace, His provision and the wonderful rewards our awesome and loving God is wanting us to have. We can have the faith of a child, realizing it has nothing to do with us, but everything to do with the giver of gifts. As a child, we can accept without judgement, without evaluating the worth of what we are being given with an attitude of "I deserve this; or even, I haven't earned this yet."

Father God, today we ask that You help us to let go of judging ourself and the people around us. Give us a pure heart to accept the goodness of You in all that we see around us. Help us to stop looking for what is wrong and to start looking for the Good of You in all that we see, say and do. Help us to accept people as they are, not as we would have them to be. Help us to live our life as an expression of walking with You. Father, help us to willingly be Your vessel and a conduit for Your gifts to build up the people around us instead of tearing them down. Thank You for not leaving us as You found us and drawing us closer to You everyday. Amen

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