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David's Blog

A thought to consider for today.

As a child of God, we are to be obedient to the commands He has given us in the Holy Bible. This is where we find the guidance for how to live all of life His way and not our way. Jesus tells us that if we love Him and want to enter into life then we will obey the commandments.

When we walk in obedience to the instruction He has given us in the Holy Bible we are given a promise from God. This promise is that we will be able to live life to the fullest, prospering in every way and that we will bear much fruit. This does not mean that life will be easy. It does mean that we are always able to overcome our circumstances, no matter how difficult they seem. Our God works all things together for the good of those who love Him.
It is important to recognize the difference between the old covenant and the new covenant established through Jesus. The old covenant was established by a man with God. In this covenant with God, starting with Abraham, an agreement was made to follow God and His ways. These are the commands that were written down by Moses in the Torah, the first five books in the Holy Bible. When a man agreed to follow God’s instructions, choosing life, in essence entering into a contract with God, God agreed to be his God.

This covenant was established and verifiable through circumcision. Therefore, this covenant could only be made by men. Women could only participate in this covenant through the head of the house they were in. This could only be through their father’s house or their husbands. Since this is a covenant from man with God this covenant could be broken by man. On his own a man could never keep the instructions God has given for how to live. Therefore, no man was able to attain righteousness on his own.

The new covenant does not do away with the old covenant, it makes it better. God has not changed. He still wants us to live the way he designed us to for our best. However, there are some big differences available to us through the new covenant. Our righteousness is attained through Jesus alone, not works and the Holy Spirit enables us to actually live life to the fullest God’s way.

In the new covenant, God is establishing His covenant with all of mankind. In the “old days” a covenant was established between individuals by exchanging clothes and cutting their hands and rubbing ash in it, making a black line in the scarred hand. When a person held out their hand to someone, it showed they were in a covenant relationship with someone. The value in this is that it showed others that they were never alone. Even if no one could be seen with them it meant that someone had their back. This is the covenant that David and Jonathan made with each other when they exchanged clothes and cut their hands.

Jesus has done this with us through the piercing of His hands and giving us His robe of righteousness to wear. When Jesus showed His scarred hands to the disciple known as doubting Thomas, He was verifying that a covenant had been made by God with man. This new covenant is verified in us through the circumcision of the heart. This is supernatural surgery done by God when He gives us a new heart of flesh, replacing our heart of clay. Therefore, this is a covenant relationship from God available to every person, men, women and children. 
One of the biggest differences between the old and the new covenant is that since it is established by God it cannot be broken by man. God’s Word is always true; making this is the everlasting covenant that we have with God, entered into individually through Jesus. This is great news! It is finished! We cannot destroy or change what God has already done in His covenant with us.

This makes our hope sure in the promises God has given us for our future. Our spirit has been redeemed, our soul is being redeemed and our body will be redeemed. It is because we are covered by Jesus, the blood of He shed for us; Jesus is the Word and Jesus is the Living Water. We have been completely redeemed body, soul and spirit. We are empowered and enabled by the Holy Spirit as we are given new mercy and grace each morning. It is a new beginning each day, knowing that we are able to walk in His righteousness and not our own.
Father God, today and every day from now on, we stand on the covenant You have made with us. Let us always remember that You have invested all of You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in keeping the covenant You have made with us. Let us never forget that no matter how weak, how broken, how hurt or how defeated we think we are; our hope is in ALL of YOU and not in ourself.

Let us never forget that You are bigger, better, smarter and stronger than Any enemy we will ever face, including ourself. You are our victory in the big things and even the small ones. Today, we receive the victory You have given us as we continually surrender all we are to You with Your help; knowing You are a Good God, who will take us farther than we could ever go on our own.  Amen

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