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David's Blog

We are not alone.

Our circumstances do not confirm or deny God. How we persevere and bear fruit in spite of our challenges testifies that God is real with the power to save us.

The original mandate to Adam when God said, “Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it...” has not changed.  (Genesis 1:28-30) God repeats His directive to Noah after he leaves the ark. (Genesis 9:1-7) From the Tower of Babel to the dislocating of the Jews to all the earth in response to their rebellious ways; God has been participating in helping this mandate to be fulfilled. Man has also attempted in our own strength, our own will and in our own understanding to accomplish this.

Fast forward a few thousand years to Matthew 28:18-20. We are told by Jesus that He gives us His authority to make disciples of the nations; teaching God's ways to live our best life. We actually now have the ability to fulfill what man has been directed to do from the beginning with power and authority. In our partnership with God, we can now establish God's sense of order in the earth. Instead of man's own ideas to dominate and subjugate in order to rule what we have been given to steward as caretakers not owners.

As Christians we are no longer under the law, therefore, we will not be judged by the law. The law was given to lead us to Jesus, the Christ, proving to us that we are unable to attain righteousness by our own effort. This means that the law still has value for teaching us how to live according to God's standards for righteousness and not our own. However, we are going to be judged according to the fruit we have had in our life when we come before Christ in the final judgment.

Even though we are responsible and accountable for bearing fruit we are not left on our own. God Himself has provided a way for us to do this. (it's like being given the answers to an open book test) Jesus has done it for us. He has done everything for us so that we don't have to stand before God empty handed, without fruit. You and I are so blessed because of the redemption given to us through Jesus; we are truly able to be conquerors and no longer victims.

Regardless of our past we are able to be conquerors who overcome the world because of the great love God has for us. Now God knows that even with the knowledge of the truth we are still going to mess it up. Just as the Jews have done throughout their history. We are no different. To insure our ability to succeed He has sent the Holy Spirit to live inside of us and do for us what we still cannot do on our own. It is through the Holy Spirit that we are encouraged, given strength, receive God's wisdom and have our hearts changed.

As God's chosen and adopted child, we are participants in the fullness of Christ, grafted into God's family, a royal heir with an inheritance. How do we repent of our ways today and bear fruit? Once we have surrendered to Jesus, it begins with learning who we now are and the new identity we have been given. As we learn about who we are in Christ, we are constantly challenged to give up doing life our way and living more and more of our life God's way. When we do this we are repenting of our ways, sacrificing our independent individuality, not our personality, and bearing fruit that honors our God.

Father God, today we surrender all of us to you. We cannot do this, no matter how much we want to, without Your help. So we humble our self and ask, Father, we need your help. Remove the blinders we are wearing that keep us in denial and accepting lies about our self over Your truths. Please, remove our self governed enablers that prevent us from walking in the fulness of Your truth for us.

Help us to have the courage to lay each area of our life at Your feet. Help us to let go of our own agendas for what we think is success or how we attempt to limit our access to failure. Help us to grab hold of your vision for our life, trusting you to fill in the details, even when they don't seem to make sense. Thank You for the possibilities and the hope we have knowing Your best is beyond our imagination.  Amen

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