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Matthew 25:35,36
I was hungry and you fed me, thirsty and you gave me a drink; I was a stranger
and you received me in your homes, naked and you clothed me; I was sick and
you took care of me, in prison and you visited me.


Love, Sacrificially Given

Imagine with me for a moment. Think back to when you went on your
Cursillo/Emmaus Walk. What do you remember? The food and snacks? The
laughter? The talks? The discussions? The chapel time? Each of us
might have a different answer, but I bet there is one thing that runs like
a thread through a weaving. Love. Love! Do you remember feeling loved?
Loved by the Body of Christ – on behalf of Christ?

My eyes still tear up as I remember the overwhelming realization of
what Christ meant when He talked of Agape. Love. A love that doesn’t
come from us, but a love that comes from Jesus – passed on through
His unselfish body – you and I. Not just team members on a Kairos,
but the body that I couldn’t even see, and yet I knew that they were
there. Making sacrifices so that I might experience the reality of Agape.
Remember how powerful it was?

Now, think about the prison resident. Most have lived lives starved of
love. Unselfish love isn’t part of their experience. Love freely given
isn’t even a concept to them. You entered your Cursillo/Walk with a
much better understanding of Agape than the average prison resident
has as they enter their Kairos. Just think of the impact of being washed
in all that Agape when you’ve lived a love-starved life!
So, how important is Agape on a Kairos? It’s huge!
But, it’s even bigger than you’re thinking!

Think about all those people in the Body of Christ who are seeking
ways to be Christ’s disciple in the world. Think of all those church
members who need to find a way to love others on behalf of Christ, yet
don’t know where to start. Think of those little old ladies who have
compassionate hearts, but who can’t get out much anymore. They
think that their lives of being servants are over. They have no vision of
how to minister in Christ’s name anymore.

Think of the young family. Young, faithful parents who are looking for
ways to teach their kids how to live like Christ. Think of the
opportunity for parents to teach youngsters about Agape love –
Christ’s love – even to the unlovable!

Think of the Sunday School class that doesn’t know how to serve on
behalf of Christ. Think of how powerful it would be for them to realize
how they were really the hands of Christ in action.

There’s a whole world of Christians who don’t know how to pass on
Christ’s uncompromising love to the lost and the needy. Christ’s
unselfish love. Agape love. What a gift you have to offer them!

A gift?
You bet – by just asking “Won’t you make a poster that
expresses hope in Jesus? Won’t you help spread God’s love by baking
cookies that are washed in prayer? Won’t you help financially sponsor
a lost soul to come where they may find Jesus – and a new beginning?
Won’t you help make disciples?”

Agape is God’s gift of love. It gets communicated by tangible objects –
Cookies, money, posters, letters, and placemats. These are the tangible
acts of Agape. But it is the love that is working miracles – on both
sides of that cookie! Won’t you help make those miracles?
Who do I need to give a chance to express Christ’s love through an
act of Agape for this Kairos?

What is God saying to me through this word?

Who has fed you?

Prayer Focus: Lift up those who are giving to people in need. 

May we all remember that one of the best expressions of godly love is giving someone what they need most when they least deserve it.

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