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David's Blog

The Nature of God's Love-3

Exodus 16:14,15
When the dew evaporated, there was something thin and flaky on the surface of the desert. It was as delicate as frost. When the Israelites saw it, they didn’t know what it was and asked each other, “What is it?”

Manna From Heaven

Only God could have come up with manna! I mean, if you were writing a
script for a movie, no one would have ever suggested such a crazy story.
No one would believe it. No way!

And yet, God gave manna. Total dependence on Him. Can’t store it up.
Can’t trade it in. It’s there, free for the taking – but it comes from God,
not man.

Kairos cookies are like that! They are really from God. Oh, I know they are
not our provision like manna was. But they are from God. They come freely
given out of the love of God. They come from God and not from man.

Those cookies carry a miracle in them, too. God uses them to open closed
eyes! Yep. It’s true. At first they are just a wonderful dessert. The
participants gobble them up at first. It’s sort of like they think they won’t last
so get as many as you can. But they keep coming and coming and coming.

Then, a question starts to form in the heart (not the mind) of the participant.
“Where are these coming from?” And, “why?” The answer? They come
from God, because He loves you. Yes, the family of God baked them, counted
them, bagged them, and transported them. But they also prayed over them.
Prayers to the Creator Himself that He would use this manna to
sustain a new creation – to nourish a new heart.

Is Kairos a cookie ministry? No – Kairos is a ministry of love. Humble
vessels filled with the love of Christ spilling His love all over the residents.
And we call that “cookies.”

What is God saying to me through this Word?

When have you had to trust God?

Prayer Focus: That Kairos cookies carry God’s love.

Trust, this seems to always be the biggest as well as the first lesson we all are given by our Perfect Father. It is our "trust" in God that determines the limits we put on our faith in action.

Hebrews 11:6
And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.

Do you live as if you really believe that what God says about you and of you in His Word is true, even for today?

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