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David's Blog

The Nature of God's Love-5

Philippians 2:2
I urge you, then, to make me completely happy by having the same
thoughts, sharing the same love, and being one in soul and mind.

Hope In Your Hands

Handwritten letters are special things, aren’t they? Almost a lost
tradition. Telephones, word processors and email have taken over.
But it seems to me that something gets left out when the high tech
replaces the low tech letter. Don’t you treasure that handwritten letter
from a loved one? It’s like it’s straight from the heart when it is
handwritten. The high tech is more like straight from the mind. Oh,
how we treasure those “special” letters.

Just think of the impact a handwritten letter has on an inmate. Talk
about a shock! Many haven’t received even a single letter from family
or friend in months – maybe even years. And then they are flooded
with handwritten letters. Special letters. Letters unlike any they
probably have ever received. Letters expressing encouragement. They
don’t get much encouragement, you know.

Letters expressing hope. There’s not a lot of hope in their lives.

Letters expressing love. Love. Love from God – delivered by His people.

That’s what happens as the residents read those letters of love.

They slowly begin to realize that these are love letters - from God.

Team Member
Letter Writing Guidelines

Be joyful and hopeful.

Express Christian love.

If you are at a Table, write table family letters after getting to know the brothers/sisters

Don’t use stickers (drugs can be transported in the glue)

Write the letters in advance
(not enough time to write 42 letters once the Kairos starts)

God Himself writes these letters the old-fashioned way - on the hearts
of His family. And the family hand scribed them just the way God
wanted. And the Holy Spirit made sure they got to where they belonged
– in the heart of the participant.

Yes, handwritten letters are special. They are special in Kairos
because they are God’s letters. Love letters. Thank you for being
God's scribe. And be sure to thank all those folks in the family for also
being God’s scribes. They’ll want to know how God’s letter was received!

What is it that God wants to say in His letter to the residents?

Dear George,

May God bless you as you continue on the journey with Him by your side.

 I pray that His promise to love you fills your heart, soul and mind and gives you strength and His peace that passes our understanding.

 Your sister in Christ,

Dear Jose',

I am so glad God chose you to be here for this weekend. I've prayed that you would find renewed life in Christ as well as discovering your extended family in the body of Christ. My dear brother, never forget that God, the Creator of the universe, knows you by name and loves you very, very much. You are not a mistake or an accident that caught God by surprise.

We truly have a good God that has many plans for you, plans for your good and not for your harm. I encourage you to continue to seek His face. He really wants you to know Him. You can trust Himto be with you in good times and hard times. Always remember to enjoy the journey, it is the greatest adventure you could ever have.

Your brother in Christ and fellow warrior,

What is God saying to me through this Word?

How can I share my love for Christ in my letters to the

Prayer Focus: Lift up all who are sharing their love for Jesus in letters, letting their hands be God's voice to our brothers in white this coming weekend.

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