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2 Corinthians 1:4
He helps us in all our troubles, so that we are able to help others who have all kinds of troubles, using the same help that we ourselves have received from God.

Loving Leads to Worthiness

Kairos is a ministry of affirmation. A ministry that says. “You are
worthwhile to the Creator of the Universe!” As Kairos Team
Members, we offer a loving affirmation of the person.
We listen…. And we love!

Affirmation is so important to the human experience. Without it, we
wither away on the vine. We fall away from the community, and the Lord.
But when we are affirmed, our souls soar!

Affirmation on a Kairos starts with the Team.
We should not enter the prison when we are questioning our own worth.
How can we affirm when we need affirmation?

Worthiness – Where does it spring from?
It comes with the courage to make yourself vulnerable.
In our vulnerability, we become healed.
We become whole.
We become God’s ministers.

What is God saying to me through this Word?

How has God helped me to be strong in my weakness, giving power to the powerless?

Prayer Focus: Asking God for clarity regarding our part, with each person and circumstance, in reaching out to the people God puts in our path to help, whether physically, emotionally or spiritually.

For many of us, acceptance begins with being understood. Resentments are easier to let go. Forgiveness is a fruit from seeking to understand others. Mercy always comes before grace.
Mercy is not getting what we do deserve.
Grace is being given what we have not earned and do not deserve.

It is with a humble heart filled with joy, having a grateful and thankful heart attitude that we are able to receive the grace gifts sent from above.

All of us, no exceptions, have insecurities about ourself. Often, the behavior that stems from our insecurities cause people to reject us. Even though this is usually a self-defense mechanism to push people away before they can reject us, instead of drawing people closer.

When we remember that we are all designed for acceptance and not to ever be rejected, for any reason. We are more able to connect with the people around us.

Our very personal God loves us so completely, He couldn't love us more if He wanted to.This does not mean He likes our behavior and agrees with everything we do from the choices we make. As earthly fathers many of us do what God does with His children. He does not withdraw His love just because He doesn't agree with what we are doing.

However, He has a distinct advantage over each of us. Our God knows the very motives behind our thoughts, as well as the choices we make and act on. This gives Him an edge in understanding why we do some of the things we do to ourself and others that are so destructive.

Since we don't have this ability, we get to choose to look for life and not death. Since before the exit from the Garden of Eden, good and evil have co-existed. We have the ability to recognize the difference between good and evil because of the knowledge of them both. (the fruit...)

When we look for life, the good in people, we are not in denial over their wrongs, misguided thinking or selfishness. We are choosing to speak into the good we see or what the Holy Spirit has directed us to let Him breathe on through us. We are trusting Jesus word to us, His disciples, that He has sent the Spirit of Truth to lead us into All truth.

When we insist on speaking truth that tears down, destroys and diminishes the values that God, as our Creator, has given a person. We are choosing to speak death, agreeing with the devil, our adversary and accuser.

The spoken word has no neutral ground. When we are speaking life we are agreeing with God, sending forth His power in the words we speak. When we speak death, we are agreeing with the father of lies to tear down, kill and destroy what God has made in His image and given His breath of life to.

May we all seek to understand others instead of trying to be understood. When we don't get why people have made the choices they have, Holy Spirit, help us to recognize that we haven't walked in that persons shoes, lived through their experiences and don't know what seeds the enemy of life has planted in their heart.

May we practice looking for the special treasure, the uniqueness of being specially made to be "who" our God has made each of us to be, in everyone we meet. Believing that our awesome and wonderful God doesn't make junk nor has He had any accidents and is not aware of what is really going on.

May we all be willing vessels for our God to breathe on His special treasures, as our God causes them to grow; whether it is by planting or watering through us, His obedient children. Fill us up with You and pour us out so that we all may be steadfast in advancing Your kingdom here on earth today.

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